3 Steps To Creating Routines That Work For You

3 Steps To Creating Routines That Work For You


Life Happens.

And establishing a routine that you can commit to can be difficult.

So I’m going to share with you three simple steps to create routines that work with your natural rhythm.

Three Simple Steps To Create Your Perfect Routine

Step One: The very first step is to become aware of what you are already doing.  This means you’ll have to allow yourself a week where you don’t change anything.  You’re just taking notes.

I recommend keeping a log or journal that allows you to jot down your activities by the hour. 

Account for every single activity.  If you take a daily nap, notice what time of day that usually happens.  If you eat a snack record that information as well, if you work out, or take the kids on a regular playdate.…record, record, record.   

Once you have an account of your activities for a week, you can begin to establish when you can add new items to your schedule.

Step Two: Take an account of your own natural rhythm for activities.

Do you naturally feel more productive in the mornings or in the evenings?  What time of day do you prefer more vigorous work?  When do you feel the most mentally focused?

Determine what times of day you personally excel at physical activities, mental, activities, and relaxation times.  Add these times of day to your daily schedule. 

Step Three:  Begin to build your routine. 

When considering where to place new items into your schedule notice your own personal energy level and mental focus at that time of day.

Break down items into three categories. 1. rigorous/physical activities, 2. Intellectual/Mental activities, 3. Relaxing/rejuvenating activities.

Next, add specific items to your categories.  You can add these to a separate list or add them directly to your daily planner.

For example, you’ve noticed that you have some white space in the mornings. You’d like to add bible study into that space. You’ve determined that bible study needs your mental focus so you add Bible study under the category of intellectual/Mental.  In addition, you’ve established that your best time of day for mental focus is in the mornings so you add this to your routine in the white space available.

Putting It Into Action

Once you’ve filled in your daily schedule, you can put your efforts to the test.  Give it a trial run. 

I usually give any new routine about three months test period before I make any adjustments.  You’ll have to do what feels right for you.  The main thing is to know that your routine may need to be adjusted and that is okay. 

Make adjustments as you see fit.  The goal is to create a routine that works and that you can be committed too.

You’ve got this!

Blessings, Happy Homemaking!

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