9 Things To Do Before your Husband Gets Home From Work

9 Things To Do Before your Husband Gets Home From Work

There is something special about coming home.

We all have a longing for it.  We think about the special people in our homes and miss them when we are away.

Naturally, we find comfort in our carefully curated belongings and have sentimental attachments to those things. 

We enjoy the spaces that are just for us and little nooks that we can tuck into and find safety and refuge from the world outside ( and sometimes inside).

This is what coming home is all about for our spouses.  Finding comfort.  A friendly and warm welcome.  A soft place to land.

Hearing that… shouldn’t our husband’s arrival home be a top priority on our to-do-list?

I knew you’d agree!

That’s why I created this handy dandy list of things to do before your husband gets home from work.  It’s a quick checklist that should only take a few minutes to complete each day. Let’s get started!

Wall Mural Man and Woman Kissing
Preparation in the Home

1.  Make sure the house is fragrant.  How many times have you visited a friend or a bed and breakfast and the moment you walked in the door you were overtaken by the tempting aroma of a savory dish cooking in the kitchen.  Or perhaps you were swept away by the sweet aroma of a delicious treat baking in the oven.  It may have been a delightful candle or oil diffuser leading you into the experience of being in that space.  Either way, it was memorable and it made you feel wanted and welcomed.  This is the power of smell.  Especially food.  Be intentional about the scent your husband is walking into, he will be warmly reminded that he is home.

2.  Put dinner on.  Speaking of food, putting dinner on before your husband gets home from work tells him that you are thinking about him.  It’s been hours since lunchtime (if he even took his lunch). The man is probably hungry.  Let him know that you care about his health and demonstrating love to him through this basic but meaningful gesture.

3.  Prepare his favorite beverage.  Nothing says home like a hot cup of something delicious on a chilly day or and an ice-cold glass of refreshing on a beautiful warm day.  Every day is the perfect day to have your thirst quenched and your heart warmed with good old-fashioned hospitality.

4.  Be sure he has a quiet space for relaxing and unwinding.  Imagine having a long day with your boss pressuring you to meet deadlines, your co-workers constantly interrupting you, navigating horrific traffic, and the never-ending stream of phone calls from people wanting something from you.  What would be the one thing that would make you happy in the midst of that chaotic whirlwind?  You guessed it…some peace and quiet. 

Carve out a place for your husband to enjoy some peace and quiet once he has arrived home from work. You may want to consider making his quiet time  extra special with a nice neck and back massage. I use two different massagers, a hand-held and a pillow massager, here is the one my husband prefers. 

30 minutes is usually all someone needs to shift gears and unwind from the days’ activities.  However, it’s always good practice to ask how much time he would appreciate before he joins in family activities. 

Preparing Yourself

5.  Fresh breath and soft lips for the welcome home kiss.  I’ve mentioned this before but nothing says welcome home like a special greeting just for you.  When he returns home from his day the first place he should land is right into your best kiss of the day.  You know the one…it says “I missed you so much!”

6.  Be in a good mood.  You can’t give the man that special kiss if you’re in a bad mood.  Put all of your cares aside for an hour.  If you need to, write them down and put them away.  Go to your mirror and smile.  It doesn’t have to be about anything, just take a look at your best smile.  You may feel silly…that’s good, it’ll help with your mood.  Think about something positive, and settle into that good feeling.

7.  Fix your hair.  While you are there practicing that smile, make sure you don’t have that lingering bed-head effect going on.  Gather those flyaways and tame those coils so that you are fully confident when you lay that kiss on him that it’s memorable (in a good way).

8.  Do a tidy check.  Messiness causes uneasiness.  It’s difficult to relax in a space that is cluttered and disorganized.  Take a few minutes to be sure the kiddos haven’t left the legos laying around and the kitchen is in shambles from dinner prep. 

If it has been one of those days and there is no way you’re going to achieve the superhuman feat of tidying the record-breaking mess happening, just concentrate on his relaxation space.

9.  Welcome him at the door.   This is the all-important ingredient in the recipe.  Greet him as he walks through the door with your specially prepared kiss, beautifully managed hair, an award-winning attitude.  When he comes through the door and you are there waiting for him, you are sending a loud message.  It says You Are Important.   

9 Things To Do Before Your Husband Comes Home

I hope this post is encouraging and that you find it helpful.  I personally use these steps to greet my husband when he comes home (most of the time).  My efforts are met with a loving smile of gratitude, and that always makes me feel good.

Blessings, Happy Homemaking!

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