The Power of “Welcome Home”

The Power of “Welcome Home”

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”   -Romans 15:7

Not so long ago when my son was between the ages of three and about six, he would come charging down the stairs bellowing “mommy, mommy, mommy,” whenever I’d return home from an outing. He would greet me with great enthusiasm every*single*time.

I always felt like a rock star when I walked through the doors of my home!

I’m not sure that I’m skilled enough to adequately describe how his greeting made me feel. What I can say is that it made me feel important, special, valued…all to say the least.

Let’s consider for a moment the true power of a personal, warm and friendly greeting. There is a reason why companies pay big money for employee training around customer service and greeting customers. Some retail store models employ staff to actually stand at the door and greet customers as they come in as well as providing a send-off salutation as customers leave. That’s because businesses understand that relationship is a huge part of brand loyalty and repeat business. In short, people that feel connected will not only enjoy their experience at that moment but will also continue to come back and may even bring a friend.

If companies are capitalizing on the power of “the welcome,” then there must be something pretty special about it. How much more important is it then that we focus on the welcome we provide to our friends and family, as we follow Christ?

Jesus welcomed everyone into his presence with complete love. He welcomed the outcasts, the undesirables, the sick, the women, the children, the gentiles…no one was turned away. Since we probably are pretty good at creating atmosphere and presentation for our friends and guests, we’ll just focus on our immediate family for this discussion.  As we look at the exemplary model that Jesus provided for us, let’s be intentional about welcoming our beloved tribe back home from a long day of navigating the world.

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3  Steps to the Best “Welcome Home” 

  1.  Turn off Your Busy Mode. When you know it’s time for your schooled children and/or your husband to arrive home be prepared for this time. Put away all cleaning products and activities, hobbies, work-from-home activities, etc.,
  2.  Prepare the House for Their Arrival. Think about the atmosphere that they are coming home too. You may want to put on soft music, light candles. Think about the aroma of your home, are the candles scented? Do you want the house to smell of something that you’ve baked or dinner that’s simmering? Also, consider if they will be hungry or thirsty so that you are prepared with an offering of some sort.
  3. Prepare Yourself for Their Arrival. Most importantly, prepare yourself mentally and physically for your families arrival. Many times, as their day of school and work, is ending, ours is ramping up. Help with homework, getting dinner on the table, bath times, evening devotionals and prayer time…whew…it takes a LOT of energy! We need to be prepared to meet our family with the strength and endurance needed to get us through the evening, so rest and calm your mind. This would be a great time to insert 15 minutes of self-care. This way we can greet our families with a smile and genuine enthusiasm to see them


*Note: It won’t hurt to have some kissable lips when hubby gets home either, a little moisturizing lip color can be a busy mama’s best friend!

I hope you this is helpful, leave me a comment if you currently do any of these welcoming rituals or if this post has blessed your life.

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How do you welcome home your tribe?

Blessings, and Happy Homemaking!



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