Back To School Organization: Command Center

Back To School Organization: Command Center

Well, August is almost over and we are in full-blown back to school mode around my house.

It can be tough to keep up with all the stuff going on. Especially with several children with varying interests and activities going on.

Having a family command center is definitely a blessing.

Let’s talk about why having a command center is helpful, how to create your own, and check out a few ideas from Pinterest.

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Why Do You Need A Family Command Center?

A family command center is a central space in your home dedicated to organizing, informing, and streamlining your families routines and management systems.

A place where your family can grab the things that they need to get out of the door.   A place to put the school papers and incoming mail to be sorted.  A place where everyone knows they can find information about their schedules and other family member schedules as well.

A command center is essential to back to school organization because it creates a one-stop-shop for kids to place their school-related items. 

Having a central, dedicated space saves you time and stress. No more fumbling around to find keys, library books, or trying to remember where you put the reusable shopping bags.

How To Create A Family Command Center

There are three essential things that you will want to aim for when creating your family command center.

#1 You will want to make sure that it is functional.

#2 You’ll want to choose your location wisely. 

#3 You’ll want to make it organized and beautiful.


Functionality is key when creating your family command center.  You’ll want to have an idea of how it will help in your own unique family dynamic. 

For instance, some family command centers will have a space for book bags.  Other families will not need to add a space for book bags because they may have a mudroom to serve that purpose.

Consider what functions your command center will serve and then add tools, furnishings, and accessories to accommodate those.

Here are a few common items that you may want to consider adding to your family command center:

  • Calendar
  • Message board/Chalkboard/DryErase
  • Menu
  • Schedule
  • Chore list
  • To-do list
  • Mail sorting system
  • School forms
  • Library books
  • Keys
  • Clock
  • Charging station
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Pens and pencils
  • Sunglasses
  • Baskets
  • Shelves
  • Magazine holders
  • Decorative items

Some of the items mentioned above can be kept in a single binder to help minimize clutter. 

For example, you can add keep the families activity schedule, to-do list, menu, chore list, and essential forms in a binder.  The binder can be then neatly placed in a magazine holder on a shelf.


Location of your family command center is going to be a crucial decision.  Many people’s first thought is to have it in the kitchen. 

We may be thinking, well everyone is going to need to eat so I’ll keep the calendar, shopping list, to-do list and all that on or around the refrigerator.

Personally, I DON’T recommend the kitchen as a viable location for your family command center.  The kitchen can be a pretty messy environment.  Grease, moisture, heat, and spills can ruin your set-up.

If you enter your home through your kitchen and want to have a command center near this area, choose a space that is furthest away from the stove, refrigerator, and sink as possible.

Decide how you want your command center to look and flow.  One way to do this is to pay attention to how your family naturally operates, then place organizational items in their way.

Here’s what I mean.  My husband likes to wear a baseball cap just about every day.  He also usually leaves the house with a canister of coffee and a backpack. 

When he returns home he likes to take off his baseball cap and put down his things on the first surface he can find. This is why there is always a sofa or console table with drawers at the entry of my home.

Hence, this is where my command center resides.

After you’ve decided where the best space for your family command center is, it’s time for the fun part …putting it together.

Organizing and Beautifying

Organizing your family command center is going to mainly determined by the functions you’ve identified for it.

For example, if you’re going to be using your space for mail, then you will need to have a space for incoming mail, outgoing mail, and perhaps a space for actionable mail (something that has to be paid, or acted upon with a deadline). 

You may determine that you will want to have your keys located in this space, a charging dock, a basket for books, hooks for backpacks, shelves or any number of organization functions.  Add those to your command center based on need. 

Beautifying your space can be as simple as having the items that you’ve chosen well organized. 

Many of the organizational products for creating a command center are decorative. You can easily find beautiful baskets, magazine holders, clocks, wall art and more.  Here are a few of my favorites.

For more ideas on for your command center, check out this post on a few of my favorites or you can take a look at my Pinterest board for more inspiration. 

There you have it, your beautiful new functional command center just in time for back to school.

Now, if your children have already started school, you still have time to get your command center up and running.  Many times, it works out better because you have a clear idea of what’s needed. 

I hope that you found this post helpful for your back to school organization.  I’d love to know how your family command center project goes.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, It makes me so happy to hear from you!

Blessings, and Happy Homemaking!


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  1. Love these tips! I don’t have a command center in my home, but this is perfect inspiration. Can’t believe the new school year is here already!

    1. Laura, I’m revamping mine because some of the ones I’ve found on Pinterest are SO beautiful!! Anyways, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post. It would be fun to see yours if you decided to do one. Thanks for stopping by!

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