3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall

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When I feel the very first cool breeze of crisper air kissing my face, I light up with joy and my heart fills with anticipation.

I can’t wait to put on my first pair of fuzzy socks for the season and walk around in my flannel pajamas.  Find a cozy spot to curl up with a super-soft throw blanket in the early morning and a big ole’ hot cup of something yummy.

Giddy for the nostalgic taste of Carmel apples laced in peanuts, warm cinnamon donuts, and hot apple cider. 

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

Strolling through the pumpkin patch with the children in search of the perfect one for us.  Walking through the neighborhood to take in all of the brilliant seasonal colors.

Taking in all the smells of pumpkin spiced goodies and cinnamon baked delights.

Fall is coming and I’m like a child at Christmas time!

One of my very favorite things to do in preparation for the Fall season is decorating my home.

The very first thing that I like to do is get my dining room table dressed for the occasion.

There are a lot of birthdays in my family around the August and September months.  Therefore, I am always looking for ways to bring in my favorite season on a budget.

The following are three simple and inexpensive ways that I accomplish this goal. Many times you can find items that you already have on hand or that you’ll be picking up from the market anyway. 

3 Simple and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for Your Dining Table

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

Idea #1

Using fruits or vegetables  I love using seasonal fruit for decorating.  I think it makes the table look much more natural and simple.  I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist, but I do love simplicity in design and decor.

You can arrange a bowl of fruit such as apples or miniature pumpkins and use those as a centerpiece.

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

You can also use a few scattered pumpkins to adorn other ornamental items on your table such as candle holders.

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

Idea #2

Decorate with a floral arrangement Another favorite way that I like to bring in the season is to add a floral arrangement into my centerpiece. 

You can pick up a seasonal arrangement at your local market for a fresh new look each week.  If grabbing a bundle begins to get too expensive, you can opt for a faux arrangement of your favorite blooms.   

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

What I love about this look is that it is so versatile.  You can add pumpkins, squash or gourds to your floral decor to add more depth and appeal.

You could also keep it very simple and easy by choosing just one type of bloom as your focal point, as I’ve done with mine. This arrangement is from www.silkplantsdirect.com.

You can use different types of foliage, leaves, twigs, nuts, and pinecones to really make your table pop.  I think bringing in those natural elements help the table to feel more inviting.

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

Just in case you’re wondering about these gorgeous hydrangeas displayed in my centerpiece.  This is my new favorite faux bouquet.  These silk flowers were provided by the good folks over at CSI Soundcore, www.csisoundcore.com.  

I’ve been using these now for about a month and they have debuted in my kitchen, entryway, and are now adorning my tablescape.  Talk about a luxurious arrangement.  I absolutely love them!

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They are full and the color is vibrant. These are the white and blush hydrangeas.  I love how thick and sturdy the stems are.  One of my pet-peeves with faux arrangements is flimsy blooms that constantly fall off when arranging them.  You won’t have that problem with these, the blooms are durable and gorgeous.

These are perfect for bringing some cheerful florals into low-light areas of your home.

One way that I like to do add a more natural look to my faux arrangements is to add a few stems and leaves clipped from my yard.  I didn’t do that for this arrangement because I was loving the fullness of the blooms on their own.

These will definitely be making more appearances in my home decor, so keep an eye out for them in upcoming posts.

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

Idea #3

Using baked goods  I love using baked goods as a centerpiece for my Fall tablescape.  It goes together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly.  However, the truth is that this set up does not last long at my house.

Honestly, I don’t expect it too.

I am always eager to treat my guests and family to something delicious warm out of the oven.  I love the idea of everyday chats over a hot cup of something wonderful and some baked yumminess.

3 Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Dining Table To Welcome Fall #Falldecor #Falldecorideas #Falldecorideasforthehome #Falldecorating #Homemaking #Diningroomtable

Therefore, my go-to table centerpiece is apple turnovers layered onto a covered cake plate.  Or croissants, perhaps muffins, banana bread, pound cake, or yes, a beautiful baked pecan pie!

You get the point.

When I use a mouth-watering treat such as these for my centerpiece, I make sure to have my faux flowers waiting in the wings to make an appearance.

A Few Basics To Keep In Mind

There are a few basics that make these decorating ideas easy to pull off rather quickly.

One is that I like to use neutral colored plates and dishes.  Therefore I usually only purchase white or some sort of off-white place settings.

The other tip is to purchase placemats and table runners with the same idea in mind.  I like to add a pop of color with my runners and placemats.  All of my table clothes are in neutral colors.

However, this is my favorite table runner in photos.  There is color but those colors are great for Fall, Christmas, Spring, and Summer.  I’m able to use it year round because of the color palette.

What I enjoy about my dining table decorating is that I can change the ideas as often as I like and play around with them.  And I can add accents and centerpieces without having to change my basic spread.

The last tip is to keep in line with the main theme of your overall decor.

There are some beautiful ways to bring all of these ideas to your table whether your design is traditional, classic, elegant, eclectic, shabby-chic, farmhouse or cottage style.

I’d love to see what you do with your table this Fall season.  Be sure to take a photo of what you’re doing with your dining table and use the hashtag #ministryhomemaking to share with me.

Blessings, and Happy Homemaking!

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  1. I use pincones, and get pretend leaves from the dollar store. And target has cute stuff at the 5$ section.

    1. Mihaela, I LOVE using pinecones in my decor as well. I also just purchased some of the faux leaves from the dollar store this weekend and can’t wait to see how they look. I think I’m going to put them on the fireplace mantel. Thank you for those great suggestions, I’d love to see a pic of what you do for your dining table.

  2. Oh how I love fall. I will definitely be following these simple tips!

  3. I love those table runners too! Beautiful ideas! I don’t bake enough to have them sitting around pretty but I might just try that this fall. 🙂

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thank you!!! Yes, I don’t always have time to bake either but I can always find something delicious from Sam’s to place inside that cake plate in a pinch:)

  4. I found your blog on the Raising Homemakers Linky – can’t help but keep my eye out for all your upcoming posts. Your blog design and love for beauty + coziness is very similar to my own taste. Lol!

    I’m hoping to get my house all dressed up for Fall over the next few days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hey Claudea, I hoped over here to let you know that I read and answered your most recent comment on my blog. I thought it was a great comment you posted, and I wanted you to read my response. (Please check it out.) However, now that I’m here, I just love your blog! We are kindred spirits! There’s so much goodness here to take in.

    I tweeted, pinned, liked, and shared this post on Welcome Home Ministry’s facebook page. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Oh…I forgot to mention that I love the way you decorated your dining table!

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