Farmhouse-Inspired Fall Entryway $100 Makeover Challenge

Farmhouse-Inspired Fall Entryway $100 Makeover Challenge

Farmhouse-Inspired Fall Entryway $100 Makeover Challenge

There is no other season quite like Fall.  The rustling and satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot during an evening stroll.  The magnificent array of vibrant colors dawning the trees.  Preparing for your local Fall festival complete with warm apple cider and pumpkin spice delights.

Fall is my absolute favorite season!  It’s blatantly obvious the moment family and guests enter my home.  What better place is there to welcome the Fall season than right at the front door?

As much as I love to decorate and prepare for the Fall season, I like to stay within a reasonable budget.  For this cozy Fall entryway makeover, I decided to challenge myself and stay within $100.  Yes, you heard that right, and no I’m not crazy (at least I don’t think I am).

Want to find out how I did it?  …Let’s go!

Cozy Fall Entryway $100 Challenge

To get started, the first thing I needed to do was paint the walls.  I went with an affordable paint brand, Color Place from Walmart in Antique White.  I painted the space with two coats to be sure that I accomplished full coverage.  The paint was a little less than $18 dollars.

Before I go any further, disclaimer alert.  I’m rounding up most of the prices to the nearest dollar. Okay, let’s continue.

After I painted the space I built the shelf (with a little help from the Mister) with a few inexpensive supplies from Lowe’s.  The plank of wood was $7 and the two shelf supports were a little over $2 a piece.  I sanded and stained the wood with Minwax wood stain in the color Pecan.  We already had this wood stain on hand. That brought my total cost for this project to $12. 

I also wanted to add some coat hooks in the space to hang a cute wreath and my shopping bags on.  I picked up a small plank of wood from Lowe’s for about $4.  The three hooks were around $4 a piece, bringing my grand total for this project to $16.

Next, I brought in an old telephone table that I had stored in my garage.  This was given to me by a friend that didn’t want it a few years ago.  I am so grateful for it, look how beautiful it looks with a little paint. 

I used some Dixie Belle Chalk paint in the color Caviar that I had on hand from another project.  Making the seating a zero additional cost project.

Then came the fun part!  I was ready to decorate with all of the gorgeous Fall decor the rest of my budget could handle.

The first thing I did was scoured my home for items that I already had to bring life to this space. 

I found a rustic “hope” sign, a mason jar to hold a few of the beautiful hydrangeas that I talked about here, a cute handwoven basket from my front room, and a small white plate from the cupboard.  In addition to those home-shopped items, I also grabbed my umbrella, rain boots, and a blanket scarf during my rummage. 

One of my absolute favorite ways to decorate is to use natural items like food from the market.  I purchased these gorgeous tiger pumpkins from the produce section in Walmart for a little over $3 for a bag of four.  Grand total on those …$6.90.

With only $54 left to work with, I knew just where to go to score a whole lot of cuteness with my remaining budget.  Kirkland’s and Michaels!  These are my go-to spots for great deals.  They both almost always have a coupon or sale going for all the latest decor designs. Especially if you’ve fallen in love with the farmhouse and cottage styles. 

Using that blanket scarf from my closet, I staged the telephone table with a super cute “Hey Pumpkin” pillow from Kirkland’s. This baby came in at around $12 (and some change).

I also scored the small cotton wreath and the galvanized “Pumpkin Patch” bucket at Kirkland’s for $19. 

With just a little over $16 left in my budget, I headed straight to Michaels.   Michaels was having a huge 60% off sale!   I felt my resolve weakening as I perused the home decor aisles packed with Fall scrumptiousness. 

I scored the large Pumpkin Patch sign ($14 on sale), the white Fall Market jar ($4 on sale), the small rustic crate ($5 on sale), and the pinecone/cotton mix ($3 on sale). 

I brought all of it together using the textile rug that I have from Target. 

My grand total …$110.90.  Not bad!

I think the entryway now has a warm, cozy and inviting feel to it.  What do you think? I’m completely in love with walking through my front door and being greeted with the Fall look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this farmhouse-inspired, cozy Fall makeover.  Let me know what you think …Happy Homemaking!

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  1. Claudea, your fall festive entry way looks so inviting and cozy! Wonderful job and love the what you did with the phone table. Will share this to my Humble & Bold facebook page, love it!

    1. Thank you so very much Christina!! I’m still working on that telephone table but it’s been fun trying to find some ideas to give it new life. Thank you for sharing on your FB page!

  2. I love you home decor-inspired by the Fall season–it looks so cozy and even greater that you everything was affordable.

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